Time flies by me

Like a tiny finch,

Almost unnoticed.

I see its wings

And hear its song

Of love.


It calls to me

From a distant land.

Above the trees

It soars the breeze

And gently lands

On little feet.


What’s left of me

Is buried deep.

Inside my heart

Is where I keep

My secret

Love for everything.


I open up my veins

For all to see

You free me from my


Rusted dreams

And sew your love

Into my seams. 


It seems,


That I’m falling


Calling lowly

Out to you.


I echo winds

And send my dove

For a branch of life

Or a leaf of love.

It flies beneath

And soars above,

And returns to me

And spreads its wings. 


Reveal to me

Your everything

And I’ll return

The same.


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