What a voice you have.
No, really, like, not even your singing voice.
Your natural voice is adorable.
I love it when you send me pictures of dogs
Or links to things you know I love.
I like when you complement my poetry,
Or when we talk about distant future fantasies.
You are a really great person,
And not a lot of people see it.
Truly, I’m astounded by the way you tell me that guys treat you.
If anything, just sing a song.
Sing about hopes and dreams
And hoping of dreaming when you sleep.
And sleep well, friend;
You’ll need the rest for your big days,
But make sure that every day is a big day.
Never lose the excitement you have.
Keep your friends close,
And your heart at the end of your sleeve.
Promise you’ll stay in touch
When our lives start picking up speed.
Stay alive, and stay well, friend,
For goodness sake.


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