I awake this morning and you weren’t on my mind.
I thought nothing of it, because, like I said, you weren’t on my mind.
The day goes by and I haven’t heard from you.
I still am oblivious to your lack of presence,
And I come home to, unknowingly still,
See that you’d taken all your things from my room.
Not that you’d been in my room, of course, though, because you haven’t been around in quite a while.
You took with you your smile,
Your laughter,
Your little dances,
And all the times you cried.
It’s like you’ve died,
But, oh, that’s exactly what must’ve happened.
I still haven’t noticed a change,
But recently I’ve heard you —
Somewhere above the rafters,
Between the walls or maybe after,
Below the church house or on the steeple,
Behind a breeze or in a crowd of people —
Calling out my name.


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