You are like the big sister I wish I had.
You are such a nice person,
Despite how you think about yourself.
I’m curious as to how
School is going for you.
How’ve you been?
How’s Ole Brian?
You’re probably doing great things.
I’ve been well, as well.
I write almost every day,
Whether it’s about my friends
Or about my struggle with quitting smoking,
Or even just a random emotional spiral
Of metaphorical mayhem.
You know, I have to thank you
For pushing me, quite hard actually,
To write.
It started out as a way to drain,
And I almost miss it in that way,
But you saw so much more in me.
I started writing for fun,
I started playing guitar again,
And I started writing songs.
You, honestly and truly,
Were like a professor in some fantasy school
Where, despite more promising students,
You chose to encourage me,
The broken one,
The silent one,
The only one.
I hope to go far, and I hope you stick around to see
Just how far that may be.
Thank you for your kind words,
Your encouragement,
And your hopeful optimism
When I was so without.
You are a friend,


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