Dear Girl

I am not perfect, but I feel that flaws make us unique.
You say you can’t bare for me to love you,
But you have shown your worth in smiles,
And you won me over with laughter.
You once told me that sometimes you’re the boat, and sometimes you’re the waves,
But, girl, either way you cross the ocean.
We have both spent our time as the sea, and the boat, and the wind, and the rain, and the waves, and the anchors.
I ramble, and I lose track of where I’m going with my lines, but I feel that you still find a way to read between.

Just know – You are a pearl. Once a grain of sand, you have layered yourself and you shine so bright, so beautifully.

I hope it isn’t out of reach to say I can be patient if you can keep smiling. I wish to see you grow. 


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