I had a dream that I died and no one came to my funeral.
I’d fallen in love with the world, and she turned as the sun came up.
The moon smiled at my soul, but craters left me tattered across its surface.
The cancer must’ve spread from my heart to my eyes,
And soon my lungs spread wide,
Breathing sand like an ocean tide.
They said I’d lost my mind.
They said I’d lost everything I was.
I don’t think I even knew.
I tried to carve a message into my bones before they turned to dust,
But I missed it by just a few passing moments,
And when the coroner examined my body,
They couldn’t find my teeth.
I must’ve said too much, so
I’d given my voice to a rock and it broke every bone in my hands.
I’m just a man – 
The man in the moon, the mirror,
And the grave,
And no one knows my name.


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