Human Canvas

These coffee stains upon my map make it hard enough to read, 

But you divide my sleep and count my sheep, creating cravings for more time with you.

You are my sails, yet still the wind,

Pushing me onwards out to see the sea of endless possibilities for all the things that I can be. 

I saw the sands of time swirling in my mind, and you the grain of curving glass that keeps my maddened thoughts intwined.

You curse the tears that stain my eyes and paint the skies aurora lights,

A flashing canvas of what-could-be’s, and yet I still see you and me.

Galaxies align and all the stars collide to burn away my clouded mind to keep me safe when you’re in sight. 

Of all things that I could paint or cast, or color-coat with candied laughter, 

Darling, it would never be more beautiful than you. 


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