Barry Allen, Flash Point Paradox

I don’t listen to music anymore.

I don’t write.

It’s like I’m living in limbo,

Chasing nothing,

Moving backwards.

My hair is wild,

Different from my high school days;

I miss my long hair,

How the wind made it twirl,

How the hours passed as it dried.

I think I need a drastic change again to restart this heart of mine,

A defibrillating shock to my step, an electric spring if you will.

Give me a new hair cut.

Fire me from my job.

Break my spirit.

Punch me in the face again.

Let me fill a page with smoke and shrapnel. Snap my neck. Let the ink set in addiction I have long forgotten.

Take me home.


Do you see,

Is it me,

In the glint of your eye?

Oh, I’d swell,

And I’d rattle,

I’d tell

(Yes, I’d tattle),

That you are the light in my own;

‘Cause you see,

Oh, you should,

That you’d be

(Or you would)

The one, yes, the only

Love I have known.