Eight Cylinders, 305 Cubic Inches

My body was a 1980 Chevy El Camino

My hands were tread

On old dirt and rich gravel


My mouth was a constant radiator

Taking air and breathing fire


My heart was a block of metal with belts and pistons

Pushing forward up to

230 horsepower

I have now become old

Most other machines vehemently

Cast breeze over my shadow


I sit idly without claim

As Nature tries to comfort;

The grass beneath my casket

Grows wild and freely

Through the rust in my veins

self // reflect (2017)

This place seems cleaner than before.

The walls have pictures with smiling faces,

And the boards have been removed from all the windows.


This house is my home.

The breeze has lifted the dust from the wooden floor and carried it to the clouds.

I can breathe easy now.


The cold of winter has taken the chill from my bones

And left a warmness that spreads to those around me.


I check the mirror for my flaws,

But all I see is a reflection

Of what is flawlessly,

Perfectly me.

Listen With Your Eyes

Billowing smoke and clouds of thunder,

Whispering winds and hazy days,

Streams that flow through bridges-under:

All these things I’ve seen.

Cigarette ash and mountain trails,

Flooding rain and sleet and snow,

Ocean coasts and sands that slumber:

All these things I’ve seen.

Moonlit grapevines and frosted flowers,

Coffee beans and long love-letters,

Birthdays May and April showers:

All these things I’ve seen.

Monsters and the Dark

There’s a light switch by the door that can’t be seen when in the dark.

The windows are closed.

The curtains are pulled.

This room is in your heart.

This room is in your mind.

This room is in us all.

People are afraid because of things that go unseen,

Monsters behind shadows that seem to lurk inside the sheets.

These monsters are in your heart.

These monsters are in your mind.

These monsters don’t exist.

Fear is not rational in cases such as these;

The only answer left is opening your eyes so you can see.

These eyes are in your heart.

These eyes are in your mind.

These eyes can see all things.

The End of the World

Just like the movies,

I trip and fall down all over my speech.


Just like the sunset,

I hide behind the edge of what you see.


Stay awake.

The candle is blowing out

From all the wind that’s coming from my mouth.


There’s no good reason

That poison is dripping from my teeth.

I have no answer

For all the words that stick out of my seems.


See the lights.

The mountains are falling down;

The fire is spewing from the mouth.


Do you know what’s going on?

Have you felt the world slowing down?

Do you know the distance

Of stars far beyond the ones you see?


God is dead.

The ices are melting free;

The ocean is all the depth of me.

Dear Girl

It seems I’ve lost my gentleness.

It walked away with my last kiss,

Said, “Goodbye, old friend.

I’ll see you soon,”

But I haven’t seen it since.

Anger soon encroached it’s home—

A melancholy tantrum known

Only by those affected—

And simply settled in.

Finding out my passiveness

Is something to be keen.

I’ve changed, and those around me

Don’t like what they see.

Friends were lost,

But battles won,

And the war had just begun.

A retriet was never optional,

Nor fighting without sound.

I hit the streets with feet running,

Never made it past the ground.

I’ll make it home again some day.

I’ll find another place

For gentleness to settle in

And brush across your face.


Rain crashes down like scattered thorns,

Sinking ships like perfect storms.

The lighthouse shines, but none can see

The ocean slowly drowning me.

Water quickly fills my lungs;

Words not heard fall from my tongue.

My dying breath escapes its home

And floats out to the sea unknown.

On the floor I’ll always be

‘Til time itself forgets of me.

My heart beats it’s last symphony…

I’m finally at peace.

Worth Falling For

Life flows from your smile,

Pushing air into my lungs.

It dances on my fingertips

And crashes on my tongue.

Your blood flows quickly and

Your heartbeat matches mine.

I bury our love in the sand

To stand the test of time.

One last look across the sea

For words we often lack.

Keep your secrets close to me;

We’re never turning back.