I can see for miles on this road.

Clouds stretch and kiss the blue horizon

Of a fantastically painted sky.

The wind plays with my hair like a child running through a field of grass.

Today is beautiful.



There’s a beauty beyond what lies in seeing.
There’s a love beyond what lies in physical.
There’s a hope beyond the things to come.
There is something about you that keeps me.

Listen With Your Eyes

Billowing smoke and clouds of thunder,

Whispering winds and hazy days,

Streams that flow through bridges-under:

All these things I’ve seen.

Cigarette ash and mountain trails,

Flooding rain and sleet and snow,

Ocean coasts and sands that slumber:

All these things I’ve seen.

Moonlit grapevines and frosted flowers,

Coffee beans and long love-letters,

Birthdays May and April showers:

All these things I’ve seen.

Monsters and the Dark

There’s a light switch by the door that can’t be seen when in the dark.

The windows are closed.

The curtains are pulled.

This room is in your heart.

This room is in your mind.

This room is in us all.

People are afraid because of things that go unseen,

Monsters behind shadows that seem to lurk inside the sheets.

These monsters are in your heart.

These monsters are in your mind.

These monsters don’t exist.

Fear is not rational in cases such as these;

The only answer left is opening your eyes so you can see.

These eyes are in your heart.

These eyes are in your mind.

These eyes can see all things.

A Day in the Life

I saw a man sitting alone at a coffee shop downtown. He never spoke a word, but he told me stories with his eyes. He was quite reclusive, but I still understood the sorrows in his shaky hands,

The memories behind his furrowed brow.

He sipped his coffee in silence, but his body was screaming at nothing.

After some time, he finally noticed my contemplative staring and gave me his most honest attempt at a genuine smile,

But I still saw the sadness behind his teeth.

I smiled back,

In such a way to portray that,



Things get better.